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Dr. Vikram Arunachalam*

*MBBS, DNB (New Delhi), MANBD, MIPS*

*Senior Consultant - Psychiatry, De-addiction & Psychotherapy*

He is a qualified medical practitioner since 2000 and has over 18 years of experience in general psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy, teaching and motivational work of Mental Health & Neurosciences*(NIMHANS) for over a decade as well as the private sector psychiatry in Bangalore.

Practice Philosophy and Interest: He practices holistic psychiatry with integrated psychotherapies combining Cognitive Behavioural, Motivational and Mindfulness based therapies. Where necessary he compliments clinical care with evidence-based medicinal interventions. He has extensive experience and successes in treating individuals with a wide array of emotional and psychological difficulties. Also, he has a particular interest in addiction psychiatry with a volume of expertise in treating addictive disorders.

His holistic approach enhances therapeutic alliance with individuals and their families. He has a deep commitment to psychological well-being, and empowering individuals achieve positive mental health and productive life.

His areas of interest and expertise include mood & anxiety disorder, stress & trauma-related disorders, short & long-term psychosis including schizophrenia, addictions (chemical and behavioral addiction Including alcohol, opioid, stimulant, nicotine dependency, gambling, Internet addiction. etc), perinatal psychiatry, psychosomatic illness, psychological counseling, sexual disorders, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and medico-legal/occupational health reports.

He has a keen interest in public health education consequently led several interactive talks on mental health awareness, delivered talk shows on radio and social media platforms published articles in various national & international peer reviewed journals. Besides he is a Consultant for National Mental Health Programme in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and does capacity building work in psychiatry.

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